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      hours a day

      are spent on monitoring comments in popular accounts.

      I can’t believe it!


      a month

      our customers were losing due to unreplied comments.

      No way!

      Sell faster and more
      on social networks

      It will take less than 30 minutes a day to find comments of your potential customers.

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      the first users

      345 people

      connected to our service. Here are the results:

      I just wanted some extra income, I didn't feel like spending all my time reading comments. And it worked for me.

      Angela, Insta-star

      I’ve lost my part-time job after school:( Who needs a group admin now? I'm gonna have to study to become a proper SMM specialist.

      Sonya, former VKontakte group administrator

      We only get leads from Facebook. If you miss a message you will lose a client. But now, it almost never happens.

      Michael, entrepreneur


        Who Our Service
        Is For?

        Large business, thousands of subscribers, hundreds of comments. Monitoring takes several hours a day

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        Our system will filter and show you comments leading to sales. This is your priority.

        Small business built on sales through Facebook, VKontakte, or Instagram. Every client is important to you

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        Keep a database of potential customers, monitor the comments, and save the history of communication with each user.

        Any business based in social networks. Missing a comment means losing money and reputation.

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        Our service collects comments about your orders from all accounts in one feed. You can also respond to customers there.




        Connect VKontakte, Facebook, and Instagram to one system. In each social network, you can add an unlimited number of accounts and groups.

        Comments Processing

        • Filter by time and keywords: "buy","delivery","price", etc.
        • Work with comments: respond, delete, mark the important ones.
        • If comments are the similar, reply to several users at once.
        • Choose an account to post a reply. You do not need to log in to switch accounts.

        — just a comment from a brand fan.
        Do you deliver to Moscow?

        — and this is the question of a potential buyer.

        Do Not Miss Important Comments in Your Feed!

        Start Using the Service
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        To Sell via Social Networks, You Need to Monitor Comments

        The faster you see a comment about an order and answer it, the more likely you’ll sell your product. With our service, you won’t miss a single client.

        +3hourssaving work


        Increase sales and profits, keep a customer base, monitor analytics, and add managers with different access rights.


        The main feature of the system is focus on sales. It helps to communicate with customers and monitor the effectiveness of posts in terms of profit.


        Mark posts that led to sales, work with comments, answer questions about orders.


        Так так так, еще пару общих слов о продажах, малозначительные бонусы и ништяки. Так так так, еще пару общих слов о продажах, малозначительные бонусы и ништяки

        Measure Performance in Dollars, Not "Likes"

        Mark posts that brought you sales and specify the amount paid.

        xPopular post
        You Will Immediately See Who Is Interested in Buying

        Filter comments by keywords hinting at a purchase: "buy", "order", etc.

        Reply Quickly — Customers Will Appreciate It

        All comments are collected in one feed and you can respond to them on the fly.

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        Customer Base

        You can keep a customer base: collect contacts from different social networks, add notes about interests, attach a history of communication and purchases to a card.


        The customer base in our service is a simple CRM that is easy to manage and customize. There is all the information needed for sales through social networks.


        Answer questions from potential buyers instantly


        Communicate with clients knowing their comments and order history


        Collect a base of warm, the most loyal subscribers in social networks

        Warm customers base
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        The customer base in our service is a simple CRM that is easy to manage and customize. There is all the information needed for sales through social networks.


        Does the number of likes affect your profit? Find out the statistics in our service and see which social networks and posts generate the most sales.

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        Connect any number of managers to the service.

        Choose privacy settings for each user and no one will read your private messages.

        Dealing With Negative Comments

        No negativity

        Filter comments by keywords to see negative reviews. You can respond to them or delete them directly from our system.

        Why respond to negative reviews?

        Works on All Devices

        All screen resolutions

        Our web service works on computers, tablets, and smartphones.


        Negative Comments Do Not Always Need to Be Deleted

        Social networks delete comments with swear and stop words. But what if you missed something important? One can admire your product using bad words.

        Our system does not remove negative comments but only hides them. You can decide how to respond.

        We Tell You! We Conducted a Survey

        Our clients say that the time they spend on social networks every day is


        How much time does it take for you? Write to us, we will take your data into account in our statistics.

        Thanks in advance!

        See for Yourself:

        a month — admin’s salary
        potential profit from social media

        We don’t want you to lose money. Try our service for free.

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        Available plans


        12 accounts in any social media, up to 10000 comments per month for all social media

        Plan restrictions
        Accounts: 12
        Comments: 1000
        Plan discounts
        12 months: 10%